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“Menjadi Seorang Manusia adalah Permulaan. Menjadi Seorang Wanita adalah Penghargaan. Menjadi Seorang Anak adalah Pengalaman. Menjadi Seorang Sahabat adalah Pelajaran. Menjadi Seorang Istri adalah Pengabdian. Menjadi Seorang Ibu adalah Perjalanan. Dan menjadi Hamba Tuhan adalah Pencerahan.”

(Dhiti Ismawardhani Prabawa)

Dhiti Deity

The House of Dhiti Deity is an online shop which sells curated fashion items to complete a beautiful modest women to look their best, as well as a media to spread thoughts, ideas and wonderful excited things that happened in life or things that are attractive and encouraging, and hopefully it may inspire others, or just be a nice little read for the soul to be least.



We provide you with wide range of curated hijab and pashmina, that will suit your every day needs of beautiful hijab, from casual to special occasions, from day to night, from playful and colorful to elegant. We have every design that will speak a little about your unique personality and charms, and now it’s time to show it to the world. Barakallah 🙏🏻


Hijab pins and magnets are the accessories needed to complete your look without the fear of damaging your beautiful hijab. They are easy to use and very beautiful in design.


This page is a tribute to my passions in life. Hopefully it may bring a little inspiration for others. So, to my fellow womankind, let’s live our lives passionately, cause it doesn’t matter how long we have lived, but how well we have lived it. Salam!

Being a Woman is a Blessing

“The things that excite you are not random.

They are connected to your purpose.

Follow them!”


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Temukan berbagai hal unik dan menarik seputar inspirasi dan hobi serta serba-serbi informasi yang akan membuat kita menjadi semakin berwarna!